Our Extended Services and Support Program

An extremely valuable component of the products and services that Mission Electronics, Inc. offers is the MEI Extended Service and Support Program (ESSP). This program is every bit as important to your audio video system as the design, integration and technical services. It provides semi-annual system checks and scheduled maintenance, servicing of failed equipment under warranty, priority placement for service calls and software updates. Think of us as your off-site audiovisual facilities management team.

ESSP Services Offered

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Perform Full System Check
  • Make All Necessary Adjustments
  • Clean and Inspect All Equipment
  • Telephone Technical Support
  • Service Calls
  • Software Updates
  • Servicing of Warranteed Equipment

Protect Your Investment

When you invest in an audio video system for your company, you want to ensure that it will be maintained perfectly and any malfunction will be corrected. This reduces the risk of system down time or the untimely failure of equipment during a presentation. Using the latest technology, MEI is able to monitor, or help you monitor (whichever you prefer) the components of your system from our office and check for any malfunctions or problems, even going so far as to be able to tell you when the lamp in your rear-screen projector needs to be replaced! And then we’ll come out and replace it for you.

Our Certified Technology Specialists

Our highly trained technicians can take the worry out of system maintenance for you. We are committed to providing excellent service for our clients and with the ESSP, our technical services team is a phone call away for any assistance you may need with your presentation system. All of our technical staff members have passed CTS certification courses and testing with the International Communications Industries Association (ICIA), the premier trade association for the audio/visual community. We regularly send our staff to continuing education classes, and many hold advanced level certifications.

What if You Didn’t Buy from MEI in the First Place?

Whether MEI installed your presentation system or not, we can still offer you the very best in troubleshooting and maintenance services. There are many audio/visual firms that install product, but few offer the kind of advanced level service program we do. And in many cases, we can help your system to work more efficiently, making system checks easier and less time-consuming.

Level II Comprehensive Coverage

Provides all of the above services, plus repair of out-of warranteed equipment. Equipment warranties vary in length and coverage. Extended warranties can be purchased separately from MEI.